NYE and the Great Gatsby

We're celebrating New Year's Eve in the city.  My older sister and her boyfriend host a party every year, and this year the theme is 'The Great Gatsby.'  While, I'm not usually into costume parties this is the kind of thing I love.  The 1920's are an alluring time - the art and design from this period are incredible.

The inspiration for my outfit will be Adrianna (played by Marion Cotillard) from 'Midnight in Paris.'

We recently watched this Woody Allen film, and I loved it.  I am a fan of his humor, and this film transports the protagonist Gil back to the 1920's.  Who wouldn't want to visit Gertrude Stein's salon and meet Hemingway, the Fitzgeralds, and Picasso?


  1. she was my favorite character in that movie! so stunning

  2. seriously, are you her twin?