Beautiful Day

NYE and the Great Gatsby

We're celebrating New Year's Eve in the city.  My older sister and her boyfriend host a party every year, and this year the theme is 'The Great Gatsby.'  While, I'm not usually into costume parties this is the kind of thing I love.  The 1920's are an alluring time - the art and design from this period are incredible.

The inspiration for my outfit will be Adrianna (played by Marion Cotillard) from 'Midnight in Paris.'

We recently watched this Woody Allen film, and I loved it.  I am a fan of his humor, and this film transports the protagonist Gil back to the 1920's.  Who wouldn't want to visit Gertrude Stein's salon and meet Hemingway, the Fitzgeralds, and Picasso?


New Books

For Christmas I received two new design books to add to my collection.  My Mom got me 'Nineteenth-Century Fashion in Detail' and my sister got me 'Vogue Covers'.

Stay tuned for sneak peaks at both of these amazing books!

Friday Photo

I took this photo walking back to my parents from the beach.  The combination of the bright green spray paint against the rusted grate caught my eye on the grey day.


Luxurious Bathroom

Wouldn't you love to have a bathroom like this? 
Natural light streaming through the window, wide plank floors, high ceilings, and a marble bath tub all sound perfect.  I would lounge around all day in a room like this.

Image is from the November issue of 'World of Interiors'


The White Cedar Swamp

One of my favorite walks on the Cape is the White Cedar Swamp.  We walked here the day after Christmas, and I loved the intensity of the green moss against the muted landscape and peat red soil.  The reflections of the trees were also incredible.

 Check out more photos after the break.

The Beach in the Winter

I'm home on the Cape and enjoying a relaxing with my family.  One of my favorite things to do when home is walk on the beach.  I love the beach in the winter time.  It's quiet, and often deserted.  We went to Marconi Beach the other day, and the light was beautiful.

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Flower Market

Earlier this month, my Mom came to visit and we went on a tour of the flower market.  Although I've lived in the area for over 2 years I had never explored this area of the city.  I highly recommend checking it out.

Check out more photos after the break.