Tassels Part 2: Casual Cotton

Today's tassel post focuses on a more casual style- more cotton and less shine.  These more everyday styles are are right up my alley as our apartment is more relaxed.  I think these styles add just the right amount of detail- what do you think?

Check out more casual tassels after the break- as well a link for how to make your own tassels.

I love these cotton multi toned tassels from Proud Mary Textiles.  They have some great product so be sure to check out the site if you haven't before.  If you're feeling inspired by these cotton tassels Martha Stewart has a how to for tying a tassel.


  1. Oh I am in love...an all white bed is my favorite and that 1st photo is just gorgeous...I would always have sweet dreams sleeping in that bed! XO brynn

  2. Oh yes... I absolutely love it all. especially that bed! Amazing finds.

  3. I know - I have been dreaming about that white bed!! I've seen trim like that in India and next time I go I'm going to look for some.