Weekend Bits

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Mine was pretty relaxing.  Saturday I lounged around and was reading up on blogging and what you need to know.  My sister Grace has had some great advice and her posts have been really helpful.  I'm keeping a list of things I need to ask her when we next get together.  I've also been blown away by all of the great recaps and advice being posted recently from bloggers who went to Alt.  Victoria from vmac & cheese has had some extremely helpful posts on her Mini-Alt Week series, and I would highly suggest checking them out!  They have been so informative!! I am still feeling a bit overwhelmed after reading all of this but it's really great.  I would also recommend Meg Birim's Alt Summit: Information Re-cap + Permalinks.  

I also received the new J. Crew catalogue, along with my Spring rewards! It definitely has me longing for Spring- and getting some color into my wardrobe again!  I tend to get into a rut this time of year wearing clothes that are comfortable and warm, but definitely lack style.  I'm not a big pink person but have to admit I loved the looks J. Crew had pulled together below.  I think adding in red gives it a little needed edge.  I'm always a fan of navy and really love the dress below with the fans print on it.  I think it's time to start thinking about some Spring pieces that I can wear now.

{images from new J. Crew Catalogue and their Spring Rewards mailer}

Sunday I ran a few errands and went to yoga again.  I really enjoying this class and getting back in tune with my body.  This week I'm aiming to bring my lunch more so I can save a bit of money and start eating healthier.  I'm going to make kale chips tonight from the recipe I found over on Breakfast at Toast.


  1. Loved this post - and the shout-outs to some of my favorite blogs! Excited to get together and talk blogging!!!

  2. Sounds like a perfect, productive weekend! Your photos are so cool! Also - I am right there with you on bringing lunch - it saves so much money and allows me to eat exactly how I want and stick to my healthy ways! The crock pot has quickly become my best friend! XO brynn

  3. Thanks Brynn! I've got to start using my crock pot- do you have any good recipes?