Color Study: Orange

Orange reminds me of citrus fruit, tiger lilies, and the bike painted neon orange near my office in Dumbo.  Orange reminds me happiness - of childhood summers and eating creamsicles from the ice cream truck.  Orange reminds me of India, and the women's bright flowing saris.  Orange reminds me of exuberance and energy.

What does orange remind you of?

Be sure to check out Brynn's blog for more orange inspiration.


  1. And now I am craving a creamsicle ... do they even make them anymore?!

  2. These images are beautiful. My mom packs me a bag of clementines whenever I come home to visit my family. I love the burst of color and flavor of the fruits!

  3. Beautiful styling, Becca! I love the way this turned out :) Makes me so, so happy!!! Thanks for linking up! Looking forward to yellow next week! XO brynn

  4. Fantastic orange pics and beautiful styling Becca!