Color Study: Yellow

As I was visiting my parent's this weekend, my Mom pulled out all of her yellow objects for me to photograph.  She has an amazing collection of objects that have inspired me since childhood.

Yellow reminds me happiness and sunshine - of bananas, lemons, and golden delicious apples.  Yellow reminds me of spring – of daffodils, dandelions, and bright umbrellas.  Yellow reminds me of sunflowers and Van Gogh.  Yellow reminds me of butterscotch candies and their crinkly wrappers.  Yellow reminds me of optimism.

What does yellow remind you of?

Be sure to check out Brynn's blog for more yellow inspiration.


  1. LOVE!!! your mom has some fantastic yellow things! beautiful styling & photos (as always!) XO brynn

  2. Yellow definitely can be summarised for me in golden delicious apples! Such nostalgia in this post and reminds me that spring is around the corner. Just fab! Ps my mum also has a wee vintage van from 1930's that always went out on the first car run of the year, this reminded me of that x

  3. Yellow reminds me of sunflowers and Van Gogh too!

    My old roommate got married over the weekend, and used yellow roses and daisies as her bridesmaid bouquet. I was reminded of the great celebration when I saw your post :)

  4. Your mom hooked you up. but you made the magic happen! Cheery and beautiful, you've done yellow proud!