Spectrum Art Show

Friday night I went to an opening at Bridge Gallery.  My good friend Charlotte Hallberg was in a group show called Spectrum, which was curated by Arthur Brum.  Charlotte and I studied at RISD together, and she went on to get her MFA at Yale.  She has recently moved back from Amsterdam after spending about a year there.  After art school, to be completely honest, I was happy to re-enter a world where analyzing and critiquing art was not a part of my everyday life – I felt that I was losing what I actually love about art.  So that said what I write here are just my opinions.  Charlotte’s work is vibrant and almost overwhelming in its exploration of light - but the pieces can also feel calm and therapeutic.  While her paintings definitely mesmerize, my favorite pieces are actually her drawings.  I'm always interested in process work, as there is less pressure for it to be perfect.  For me these quiet thoughtful studies actually steal the show.   The show is only up for a week, but if you get a chance it’s worth stopping by.


  1. Cool! This looks like so much fun. I love Charlotte's necklace!!!

  2. Her necklace is amazing! It's actually a mesh netting with beads inside. I was also completely obsessed - more on that to come.

  3. These works are some kind of beautiful! I wish I lived in NYC or were visiting soon to check out your friend's exhibition.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. I really like her work, and I love your description of her work...

  5. These are beautiful eye candy, I love the use of vibrant color...actually very on trent for Spring! I'm sure that's what she was thinking about when painting these :)

    <3 Kate