Cheese of the Month: April

Last night Steve and I had a feast of cheese.  We had our 'cheese of the month' from Lucy's Whey as well as some we had picked up at Stinky Brooklyn.  It was a decadent meal!  Here's the scoop on what we had:

Cheese from Lucy's Whey:
Berleberg: This cheese is made by Berle Farm in Hoosick, NY.  It's a raw cow's milk cheese with a sweet nutty taste.
Reading Raclette: This cheese is made by Spring Brook Farm in Reading, VT.  This was my favorite from the group we got from Lucy's Whey.  It's a mild, semi-soft cheese.  We let it get to room temperature so it was slightly gooey.
Evalon with Fenugreek: (not pictured)  This was part of our cheese of the month.  It's made by LaClare Farms in Chilton, WI.  I only had a little taste of this cheese when I was sick, but from what I can remember it has a maple flavor.

Cheese from Stinky Brooklyn:
Truffle Tremor:  This cheese is made in Arcata, CA.  It's a goat milk cheese infused with truffles, and it is amazing.  My sister Grace introduced us to this cheese and it is a must try.
Kuntener: This cheese is made is Switzerland from cow's milk.  It was gooey and delicious!  It would be hard to pick a favorite from all of these cheeses, but it definitely rivaled Truffle Tremor.
Rosso di Langa: This cheese is made in Piedmont, Italy.  It is a mild, creamy cheese.

We still have leftovers and I'm looking forward to round two!


  1. I love love love truffle tremor! You must try all of Cypress Grove's cheeses. Humboldt Fog and Purple Haze are fantastic too.

  2. My mouth is watering as I read that post....!