Diptyque Packaging

Diptyque candles are pretty extraordinary (I doubt many people would argue with this).   Before I had ever owned one what I loved most was the packaging and lettering.  If you look closely the letters and line work have a slightly hand drawn quality, but the overall feeling remains clean. I also just love the way the scent name is displayed – by splitting up the letters the word almost becomes an object.  Pretty fantastic, don't you think?


  1. I had never noticed the lettering! It is fantastic.

  2. I completely agree!!! I appreciate fantastic packaging very much :) XO brynn

  3. Oh yes, I'm a total Diptyque junkie!! Ok, a little shameless self promotion here but it's relevant: I am giving away a limited edition Diptyque candle on the blog (the packaging is really cool looking too), so if your a fan you might want to enter :)

    <3 Kate

  4. The packaging is gorgeous! I think I need one of these candles now! And I love your photos!
    Best, M.~ (fadedmstyle.com)