Marcel Vertes

While browsing the Met's archive I came across these playful designs by Marcel Vertes. I love vintage textile artwork painted in gouache.  Marcel Vertes (1895-1961) was a Hungarian costume designer known for his work on the film Moulin Rouge.  I love how whimsical and rather curious these pieces are, especially the ones that look like leaves or flowers with little faces on them.


  1. The third one from the top is stunning...the colors are so on-trend now! The man was ahead of his time, I can totally see these prints on dresses and scarves in stores today. Lovely post :)

    <3 Kate

  2. Love the third and fourth ones. These are just incredible!

  3. i absolutely love 1, 3 & 4...so gorgeous!!! i always love meeting these fabulous designers/artists through you! you are kind of like my library in that category :) thanks for that! XO brynn