Online Magazines: Sweet Paul and SisterMAG

In the past week or so I've discovered a few new (to me) online magazines.  Sweet Paul magazine has been around for a while, but I've only just hear of it.  I am now a bit obsessed with Lynda White's ceramics, which are featured in the newest issue.  Also, the recipes look pretty amazing - I'm a big fan of linguine and clams.
I also recently heard about SisterMAG via Blog Brunch.  SisterMAG is chock full of content!  I've got to go back and spend some time reading through it.  This magazine is created by two sisters (and a bunch of interesting collaborators) and covers topics a wide range of topics including: careers, technology, trends, traveling, and DIY projects.  It's a magazine for the modern, independent woman.
There are so many good online magazines now - which ones are your favorites?


  1. i LOVE online magazines and i've never heard of either of these. my favourites are matchbook mag and rue magazine. thanks for sharing -- i'm going to check these two out this weekend :) xx

    1. I love matchbook, rue, and lonny - but I've recently realized there are so many more!

  2. Cool - I am going to have to check these out!!

  3. Lonny mag is my fave :) Thanks so much for guest posting over on the blog today, your pictures are great!


  4. Replies
    1. Thank you very much - I painted it with ink and scanned it in.