Roundup: Best of Storage

We've been cleaning our apartment, and having the constant struggle of too little storage.  I should not be complaining as we used to live in a 400 square foot apartment in Hell's Kitchen.  We now live in a pretty spacious two bedroom apartment in Park Slope.  Our closet situation though is very limited though.  I really struggle to find storage pieces that I like.  Right now we have miscellaneous baskets as well as some canvas bins from Muji (similar to the one shown below from The Container Store).  I've been looking for some new options, and here are my favorites:

1. Senegalese Storage Baskets in Blue from Serena and Lily
2. Pandan Bin in Metallic from Serena and Lily
3. Mountain Peaks Bath Basket by Lovell sold at Anthropologie
4. Mountain Pandan Bin in Natural from Serena and Lily
5. Natural Canvas Box from The Container Store
6. Checker Storage Bushel from Hable Construction


  1. Like New York, Stockholm has tiny apartments. My boyfriend and I rented a 360sq ft apartment for a while (we really got to know each other!) now we have 500 and it feels like a mansion. Thank goodness for IKEA.

  2. I feel like I could use 2 of each of those....I do have a small addiction to really great storage containers and baskets!

  3. Loving 1, 3 & 6! We are definitely in need of storage pieces, too! XO brynn

  4. the way to a new yorker's heart, pretty storage haha

  5. two and three are so amazing!!! Awesome finds.

  6. Love me some chic and practical storage solutions! Great round up!