DIY: Sunprints

When I was home on the Cape I really enjoyed having some time to be creative.  One of the 'projects' I brought was a Sunprints kit.  Creating them is really very simple, and the results are beautiful and sometimes unexpected.  You can easily create artwork for your home this way.

The full how-to is after the jump, and if you want to see more process photos and results check out my Pinterest board.

Step 1: Lay Sunprints paper on larger piece of cardboard for easy carrying.  I didn't do this in the beginning, but it makes the process much easier.
Step 2: Position object on sun print paper in the layout you want.
Step 3: Move Sunprints paper into direct sunlight.  If you want the most clear results try to do this during the middle when the sun is directly above.  If you want a more distorted effect you can achieve this by playing with where the shadows fall.
Step 4: Wait several minutes until the paper exposes.  You will know it's done when it turns white.  The stronger the sun, the faster it exposes.
Step 5: Rinse off in sink.  I found that when you rinsed the front side quickly and then focused on the back side the dye came off the most effectively.
Step 6: Lay flat to dry and you're done!
Try using lots of different materials - flowers, shells, rubber bands, leaves, and petals all make great designs but you can use anything.


  1. LOVE this! It makes me want to try it!

  2. I've always wanted to try these but never found the paper to do it!

  3. These are lovely, I'm sure I have some of this paper tucked away somewhere, I'll have to find it


  4. these are beautiful! I've been wanting to try this for awhile, but didn't know anything about it!