Dye Experiments

I've been taking a course on fiber reactive dyes at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn.  I've been feeling the need to make things again, and this has been a great opportunity to do so.  Here's one of my latest dye experiments.  The last image is the final result after the fabric has been rinsed and dried.  I'm using a very light weight cotton, which creates a softer result as there are less fibers in the fabric.


  1. Oooh Becca! Love how it turned out...the colors are glorious!

  2. great color combo and each fabric looks quite different, you must be having fun!

  3. Interesting! Are there many people in your class? I ask because at Mood we are having noted textile artist and dyer Jane Dunnewold teach a seminar on 8/2 and registrations are lagging, surprisingly. I love what you've created here... Just thought there would be more people like you who want to learn dyeing.

    1. Hi Meg, The class has about 3 people in it- but often has 8-12. I think it's about getting the word out! I hadn't heard about this event your hosting at Mood but it sounds interesting.

  4. I've been playing a lot with silk dyeing as of late (french dyes), and even though it is quite laborious (3 hours steaming!) it is so worth it- unique DIY projects!