Birthday Thoughts

Today is my 28th birthday. This last week has been a reminder about how lucky I am.  I have a wonderful, supportive husband, and amazing friends and family.  I love our apartment and neighborhood in Brooklyn.  I have been lucky to have great experiences with my career so far.  I have to say – life is good!  I’m not sure if it’s the impending 30th birthday, but the past few months have seemed like a good time to be taking stock of where I’m at and making changes for where I want to be.

One thing that’s really been on my mind is simplifying.  I guess I feel in this age of information there is a surplus of well, everything – it can be overwhelming!  The constant steam of information can be daunting if not filtered.  My inbox and google reader need a massive clean out.  This need to simplify is affecting not only the digital information I’m receiving, but also how I feel about the physical stuff in my life.  I have been feeling the need to get rid of things unless I need, use, and love them.   I’m planning on doing a thorough clean out in an effort to get back to some of the basic things I enjoy and love.

I’m also preparing to make some big changes this year.  You know that saying if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough?  Well, this year I’m dreaming big – and going for it.  I’m a planner; so I’ll admit taking risks freaks me out a bit!  But, that being said, I never want to look back and wish I had tried something but was afraid I would fail.  I really believe it’s important to push yourself to try new things and learn to feel fulfilled.  I also believe that where you spend your energies is where you will see success.  So while I can’t tell you all about my plans right now, I promise I will fill you in as things move forward.

Well, I’ve rambled on a bit – and for those of you who follow along on my blog you’ll know I’m not usually one for lengthy posts.  I feel ready for some change and am looking forward to this next year.  Thank you for listening to my thoughts!


  1. happy birthday, ss... love you and so excited about your big changes!!!

  2. Happy birthday Becca! And cheers to big changes! Can't wait to hear all about them. All the best X

  3. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead. I think when we prepare for changes, big and small - it is helpful to write them down.
    I often think, just a book or lipstick on a mirror to serve as a reminder and a push.
    Happy to listen to your thoughts and to witness your rambling changes.

  4. I love that birthdays offer a moment for reflection. Our world is changing so fast, both technologically and physically, we need to make sure the ground under us, what we believe in, is firm so we can go forward and follow our dreams. Love you!