Friday Photo

Last weekend I bought these hyacinths at the Union Square farmer's market.  I've had them by my bed side table and they smell amazing!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Cheese of the Month: March

For valentine's day I got Steve 'cheese of the month' from Lucy's Whey.  We've gotten it before and really enjoyed it.

This month we received the following cheeses:
Dante:  This cheese is made byWisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative in River Falls, WI.  While I am always a fan of creamy gooey cheese, this was actually my favorite cheese of the group.  It's a hard cheese modeled after Spanish Manchego.  I highly recommend trying this.
Birchrun Blue:  This cheese is made by Birchrun Hills Farm in Chester Springs, PA.  It's a full on blue cheese with earthy flavors.  To be honest, I've had other blue cheeses I like better and this one was just okay.  Steve liked it more than I did.
Coupole:  This cheese is made by Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery in Websterville, VT.  This was a rich, creamy goat's milk cheese.  The center is dense and the edges are gooey.  It's flavor is a bright and fresh.

We love cheese and trying out new ones.  Are you a cheese lover too? Would you like to hear more about what we're trying?



From my sketchbook - a collage of patterns (top unknown, bottom by Little Things Studio) and a painterly sketch in gouache and ink.


Artist Spotlight - New Series on Stripes & Sequins

Today I am very excited to announce that I'm going to be a contributor on my sister's blog, Stripes & Sequins!  On Tuesday afternoons I'll be sharing with you artists and designers I love in a series called Artist Spotlight.  Today's post is all about the talented Michelle Armas.  Don't you love her sunny studio?  It feels very cheerful, just like her paintings.  Head over to Stripes & Sequins to see the full post.

Color Study: White and Gold

I'm so happy to see that there are some new readers checking out my blog!  For those of you that are new, every Tuesday I've been participating in a 'link up' with Brynn from Chartreuse with a Twist.  Each week we explore a different color combination.  Everyone that participates does it a little differently- so be sure to head over to Brynn's blog to see her post as well as the other bloggers participating (their links are at the bottom of Brynn's post).  I really enjoy gathering objects and taking photos for this series as it's always a bit of a challenge.  Today's post explores the classic combination of white and gold.


Ilana Kohn: Spring Collection

Have you heard of Ilana Kohn? She is a very talented clothing designer with a background in editorial illustration.  I love her prints, and am still disappointed I missed out on the black and white marble scarf; however, her new spring line is amazing!  All of her pieces are designed and produced in Brooklyn, NY.

Raleigh Flea Market

On our visit to North Carolina we passed by a flea market in Raleigh - of course we had to take a look!  There were some good finds but since everything had to fit back in our suitcase all I left with was a very cute little brass mirror.

Check out the rest after the jump - including my little brass mirror, a cast metal dog, and lots of brass treasures.


Friday Photo

Our clivia plant bloomed last week.  I love the soft orange color of the flowers.

Paperless Post and Virginia Johnsom

Have you heard that paperless post has a 'spring entertaining' line by Virginia Johnson?  I've been a fan of her illustrations for a while so I'm pretty excited about this collaboration.
P.S. In a few weeks they have another amazing collaboration coming out - so stay tuned!


Patterns by Charles James

Charles James was America's first couturier.  I don't know too much about him but he sounds like an interesting man. I came across these images of his patterns and thought they were pretty cool in their own right- especially the red paper pattern for a jacket.


Emerson Fry: Spring Collection

I love Emerson Fry (formerly Emerson Made).  Their clothing is classic but modern - and high quality.  You just know that these pieces will last, and that you'll want to wear them for years to come.  I have their white tux jacket and love it.  I instantly feel pulled together when I wear it, even if I'm wearing an old t-shirt and jeans.  When I saw the new spring line last week I was impressed.  Emerson has stepped it up yet again and even expanded the collection to include shoes and jewelry.  If you haven't checked it out yet you must!

Dreams and Travels

Today I'm over on vmac & cheese for Victoria's behind the scenes series.  I made this map illustration of the five places I want to visit in my lifetime.  It was certainly hard to choose just five places.  Head over to vmac & cheese to see the full post.


Color Study: Pastels

Today is the first day of spring!  Even though it has not been a cold winter, I have been looking forward to this.  The sun is out longer, the weather is warming up, and the world feels full of potential.  In honor of the first day of spring Brynn proposed that we do a post on pastels.  I have to say this was a challenge for me as I don't have many pastel objects.  Be sure to stop by Chartruese and a Twist for more inspiration.

(Please note that the floral pattern in the top image is from the cover of my copy of Domino Book of Decorating by Deborah Needleman, Sara Ruffin Costello, and Dara Caponigro)


Spectrum Art Show

Friday night I went to an opening at Bridge Gallery.  My good friend Charlotte Hallberg was in a group show called Spectrum, which was curated by Arthur Brum.  Charlotte and I studied at RISD together, and she went on to get her MFA at Yale.  She has recently moved back from Amsterdam after spending about a year there.  After art school, to be completely honest, I was happy to re-enter a world where analyzing and critiquing art was not a part of my everyday life – I felt that I was losing what I actually love about art.  So that said what I write here are just my opinions.  Charlotte’s work is vibrant and almost overwhelming in its exploration of light - but the pieces can also feel calm and therapeutic.  While her paintings definitely mesmerize, my favorite pieces are actually her drawings.  I'm always interested in process work, as there is less pressure for it to be perfect.  For me these quiet thoughtful studies actually steal the show.   The show is only up for a week, but if you get a chance it’s worth stopping by.

North Carolina

Our trip to North Carolina to see Stacie and Tom was really relaxing.  We enjoyed the spring weather and ate lots of Southern cooking - I think we both left feeling about five pounds heavier!  Here's a glimpse at our trip down South.

Check out more photos after the jump - including the old Lucky Strike campus.