Cheese of the Month: April

Last night Steve and I had a feast of cheese.  We had our 'cheese of the month' from Lucy's Whey as well as some we had picked up at Stinky Brooklyn.  It was a decadent meal!  Here's the scoop on what we had:

Cheese from Lucy's Whey:
Berleberg: This cheese is made by Berle Farm in Hoosick, NY.  It's a raw cow's milk cheese with a sweet nutty taste.
Reading Raclette: This cheese is made by Spring Brook Farm in Reading, VT.  This was my favorite from the group we got from Lucy's Whey.  It's a mild, semi-soft cheese.  We let it get to room temperature so it was slightly gooey.
Evalon with Fenugreek: (not pictured)  This was part of our cheese of the month.  It's made by LaClare Farms in Chilton, WI.  I only had a little taste of this cheese when I was sick, but from what I can remember it has a maple flavor.

Cheese from Stinky Brooklyn:
Truffle Tremor:  This cheese is made in Arcata, CA.  It's a goat milk cheese infused with truffles, and it is amazing.  My sister Grace introduced us to this cheese and it is a must try.
Kuntener: This cheese is made is Switzerland from cow's milk.  It was gooey and delicious!  It would be hard to pick a favorite from all of these cheeses, but it definitely rivaled Truffle Tremor.
Rosso di Langa: This cheese is made in Piedmont, Italy.  It is a mild, creamy cheese.

We still have leftovers and I'm looking forward to round two!

Domino Magazine: Quick Fixes Special Edition

Have you picked up your copy of Domino's Quick Fixes?  I've finally gotten mine!  I really enjoyed pouring over the issue yesterday.  I have to admit I felt a bit torn reading it.  I've gotten used to finding this content online now, but I do still miss holding a physical magazine in my hand.  What do you all think?  Are you craving Domino's return, or have blogs and online magazines like Rue and Lonny filled your desire?


Friday Photo

I don't know about you - but for me it's been a long week!  I'm happy it's Friday and the weekend is here as I'm in need of some rest.  I'm finally feeling better, but have a lot to catch up on.  I hope that you all will have a wonderful weekend, and slow down to enjoy the small moments.  I took this photo when I was on the Cape last weekend.  The sun streaming through the window made these flowers even more beautiful.


John Derian and Paperless Post

Today I’m very excited to be featuring the new Paperless Post collaboration with John Derian. This collection captures his signature decoupage look and eclectic imagery – and elevates our expectations of digital stationery.  I don’t think I need to say much about these cards because they really speak for themselves.  I mean how amazing are these liners?  While I’m not usually a butterfly person those designs are some of my favorites - and of course I love the nautical designs.  There are many more beautiful designs – so be sure to check it out here.


Sketchbook: Floral

A floral drawing from my sketchbook.


Artist Spotlight: Leanna Valente

Today I'm over on Stripes & Sequins with a post on Leanna Valente for the Artist Spotlight series.  She is a self taught artist who specializes in mixed media artwork.  To find out more head on over to Grace's blog for the full post.

Color Study: Red

Today's color post revisits the color red.  I took these photos as part of my original post on the color, but the mood felt very different and deserving of it's own post.  I hope you enjoy!  For more color inspiration be sure to check out Chartreuse & a Twist.


Cozy Sofa

The other weekend Steve and I picked out a new sofa at ABC Home.  They were having a big sale on custom upholstery.  We went with the Cobble Hill Martha's Vineyard Slipped Sofa and a matching ottoman in a medium grey/linen color.  We have a while to wait before it arrives but I can't wait for it to come!  It's a really deep sofa, which will be so cozy, and perfect for years to come.


Friday Photo

Everything is starting to feel very lush in our neighborhood.  I really love this time of year, despite the allergies that come along with it.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  We're off to the Cape for a wedding, and it's sure to be a wonderful celebration.


Marcel Vertes

While browsing the Met's archive I came across these playful designs by Marcel Vertes. I love vintage textile artwork painted in gouache.  Marcel Vertes (1895-1961) was a Hungarian costume designer known for his work on the film Moulin Rouge.  I love how whimsical and rather curious these pieces are, especially the ones that look like leaves or flowers with little faces on them.


Sketchbook: Fresh, muddy, spring

Another page from my sketchbook - thinking of spring: rain, mud, and fresh new green growth.


Artist Spotlight: Caroline Wright

Today I'm over on Stripes & Sequins with a post on Caroline Wright for the Artist Spotlight series.  I love her drawings (shown above) which are part of a series called 'Dream Architecture.'  Find our more about Caroline and her paintings on Stripes & Sequins.

Color Inspiration

I was really sick all weekend and am still recovering, so I wasn't able to put together my weekly color post.  Instead, I've rounded up a few of my favorite sites for color inspiration.  I'd be sure to still check out Brynn's blog today and see what everyone has put together for this week's color study.

Favorite Color Inspiration Sites:
Raw Color
Pinterest (of course)

If you have time, check out these two sites which let you search for photos by color - it's great for getting ideas for new color combinations:
Multicolr Search Lab
Krazydad Colr Pickr

And, if you're looking for more ideas, browse color names on Coloria.

What are your favorite sites for color inspiration?  I'm


Friday Photo

On Easter we stopped by a greenhouse to get flowers for Steve's grandmother, and I took a snapshot of these tropical leaves.  The color of the pink leaves was really beautiful against the rich greens.


Diptyque Packaging

Diptyque candles are pretty extraordinary (I doubt many people would argue with this).   Before I had ever owned one what I loved most was the packaging and lettering.  If you look closely the letters and line work have a slightly hand drawn quality, but the overall feeling remains clean. I also just love the way the scent name is displayed – by splitting up the letters the word almost becomes an object.  Pretty fantastic, don't you think?



From my sketchbook - a collage of patterns (source of prints in collage unknown) and an ink wash drawing


Artist Spotlight: Leslie Williamson

Today I'm over on Stripes and Sequins for the weekly Artist Spotlight series.  Today's post is about the accomplished Leslie Williamson.  She is author of the book Handcrafted Modern: At Home with Mid-century Designers, which is definitely on my wish list.  To find out more about this inspiring woman head on over to Stripes and Sequins.

Color Study: Shades of Gray

For this week's color study, I wanted to take a closer look at the color gray.  While it is often thought of as dull, I love the beauty in its subtlety.  In college I studied color theory, and one of the things that really stuck with me was a project on chromatic gray.  The variances and hue within gray really are amazing.  I hope that this post encourages you to take a look at the colors of gray around you.


Book Wishlist: Cookbook Edition

{1} What to Cook and How to Cook it by Jane Hornby {2} Home Made by Yvette van Boven with photography by Oof Verschuren {3} Home at 7 Dinner at 8 by Sophie Wright {4} Plenty: Vibrant Recipes from London's Ottolenghi by Yotam Ottolenghi with photography by Jonathan Lovekin

This month's book wish list is all about cooking!  Most of these books were recommended by my friend Stacie.  She and her husband made us several meals using these cookbooks when we visited and they were delicious.   Home at 7 Dinner at 8 is on the list as I want to cook more, but meals after work need to be quick and relatively easy.


Friday Photo

Walking home from the subway on Wednesday night the light was really amazing.  This orange garage door was lit up and I had to stop to take a picture.


Easter Eggs

On Saturday I had a few friends over for an Easter egg decorating party.  We started with quiche, baked goods, and mimosas - who doesn’t love brunch?  Then we dyed the eggs with food coloring as well as trying a new technique I learned about via Pinterest.  Foxflat posted an amazing how-to on dyeing eggs with silk ties.  Basically you wrap eggs in the fabric from silk ties, then wrap thread around the entire egg, and boil for 15-20 minutes.  When you unwrap the egg the pattern will have transferred to the egg.  Check out Foxflat for the full how-to.  It’s pretty amazing!  We didn’t have too many ties to try it out with – but I’ll be saving ones I find for next year.